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  • What should I do when doubt creeps in?

    Posted on by admin

    Motivational Poster Quote Life Begins At The End Of Comfort Zone

    Answer: Invite it in.

    After all, doesn’t it seem pretty normal, considering you’re about to do something you’ve never done before, that you might be feeling a little uncertain?

    One of the major mistakes when doubt creeps in, is to ignore it. In fact, ignoring your genuine and authentic reaction is, in a way, a form of self-abuse. Think of a small child who’s about to do something for the first time…say it’s getting into a pool. If the child is nervous, and lacking confidence because of the unknown, would you tell him or her to ‘get over it’ and push them on in to the pool? Of course you wouldn’t! So why would we treat ourselves any differently.

    Honor your doubt for what it is. It’s ignorance. Not in the case of ignorance meaning rude, but as in not knowing. You don’t have any experience to draw on. You’re stepping into something unknown and unfamiliar. You’re the kid who’s never been in a pool before, so despite the fact that you’re all grown up, you’re allowed to be a little doubtful about what you’re about to do.

    So here’s the reality check for you: You’re thinking about doing ______, you’ve never done it before, and you’ve got some doubt creeping in.

    Simple. Normal. Understandable.

    But there IS something you can do to reduce your doubt and increase your confidence. In fact, I think there’s 2 major steps you can take.

    First up, you need knowledge. You need information. You need education. You need to learn more about what you’re attempting to do. The more you learn, the more your awareness is expanded, the more people you connect with who have done what you’re thinking of doing, the less ignorance you’ll have. And the less ignorance, the less doubt. Get yourself on a learning line of education.

    Second, you need to build confidence. Not necessarily related to this new thing, but confidence in general. You need to look honestly at your life up until this moment and acknowledge what you’ve been able to accomplish. Look at everything you’ve done! You’ve done miraculous and marvelous things, I know this! There’s not a human being on the planet who hasn’t. Use that knowledge of your own unique path of accomplishments and adversities and challenges and growth and courage that you’ve tapped into as a refresher into the incredible being you are. Write this all down and keep it handy through this period of time, because you’ll probably need frequent reminders.

    Don’t ignore your doubt. If it didn’t show up, as you quest toward growth in your life, THAT would be weird. But see it for what it is. An invitation to outgrow your ignorance through knowledge and a chance to recognize and celebrate the incredible person you are!

    One Response to What should I do when doubt creeps in?

    1. LOVE this! As much as it sucks, it does seem it’s the only way out – in! <3

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