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  • Why does personal growth feel so bad?

    Posted on by admin

    Mannequin Offering Love HeartGrowth is messy and uncomfortable. If left unexamined, it can seem as though you’ve drifted backwards. “How did I end up here, again?” is a common question during a growth spurt.

    When we set out on our journey of personal development we’re excited. Thinking about the goals we have the potential to reach. What our ideal lives could look like. How good we’re going to feel. It’s heart opening, expansive and positive.

    But the journey from here, to there, is riddled with challenges, discomfort and suffering.

    Here’s why…

    As you quest forward in your life, exploring the potential of who you are and what you’re capable of, what you find isn’t glorious pockets of pixie dust tucked inside you. What you find is murky sludge that’s been weighing you down. The same sludge that will continue to hold you back if you don’t release it. And the only way to ‘there’, to that life you’re dreaming of, is to extricate the sludge – get it out! And it’s this part of the process of growth and transformation that is ugly. It feels horrible. You cry. You rage. You’re frustrated. You feel like crap. You beat yourself up for feeling like crap. You feel crappier. Until one day, you don’t.

    Because once you’ve burned out that sludgy low vibration, EVERYTHING is different. Your entire world is enlightened. You’re brighter. You’re lighter. You see more clearly. And above all, you feel amazing.

    Spiritual progress is like detoxification. Things have to come up in order to be released.” Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

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