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  • YWIB – A Breath of Fresh Air

    Posted on by Heather

    I was recently an exhibitor at the Beyond Pink Conference that was put on by the newly formed Young Women In Business Society.

    YWIB is a network for emerging professional women in Western Canada and all I can say is wow!  The girls that have put this organization together are so incredibly amazing.  They have a definite purpose, a niche market and a vision for the future – truly inspiring!

    I was recently interviewed by Chris Flett for his Ghost CEO blog and one of the questions he posed was “What has been your major struggle as a female professional?”  My response was that being young had been one of the biggest struggles that I have had to overcome in business.  There is still an old paradigm out there that says you have to “pay your dues” in business and climb the proverbial ladder in order to reach the top.

    What I love about YWIB is that they are blazing a trail for change.  They are young, enthusiastic, intelligent women who are being creative and supportive of one another as they grow and develop in their professional lives.  Too often I’ve seen women get caught in the competitive mindset where they are so busy trying to keep on top of what everyone else is doing so as not to be “one up’d” that they forget about themselves. YWIB is encouraging the new creative model.  What is it about you that is unique and special?  What unique gifts and talents do you bring to the table?  What experiences have you had that you can share with others in order to bring perspective to someone else’s life?  

    It is so exciting to see that the new generation of female professionals are already getting it.  It’s about supporting one another, encouraging one another and allowing one another to grow and develop.

    It doesn’t seem that being young is holding any of these aspiring women back from making all their goals and dreams a reality.

    Hats off!!!

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